July 27, 2006

in the republic of ireland...

it is wonderful, i am alive, and sorry, no photos. all dial up here...and we don't have time for it. so they will come when i get back. :) love and leapin' leprechans to you all!!!

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July 10, 2006

i'm off...

howdy and goodbye!

i am off today at four to start training at pastor landis' house. i won't have my phone but i can be reached at billeryv25@gmail.com. i leave the country on saturday around 1:00 pm if you want to come to GSP to see me off! :)

i will TRY to post updates and a link where you can see picts of the trip every once and a while, but i am not making any promises...i think this is going to be a very VERY fast month packed full of stuff.

pray i get enough sleep and stay sane! and that i don't get mad cow stuff...wait, i think i already have that. :) anyway i will miss you all and take care and please email! i would love to hear from you while i am gone!

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July 04, 2006

so much better.

i love how God brings me to the end of myself just to show me that he is sufficient. the end of myself has come and gone, and i will probably need to learn again and again to lean on my God rather than myself or friends or jordan. he is all i need. all these other things are just perks that come with life.

and here is a shout out to my best friend, jordan...i love you! take care of yourself darlin'!!

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