June 23, 2006

my spirits are down.

pray for me. i am struggling here folks to keep a positive attitude towards life situations that i have no control over. i dunno why i am so bent out of shape, but i am. the two people in the world that have the power to keep me sane are gone and i have no contact with either.

my spirits are low, and my outlook on life is not so good. blast. i hate all of it.

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June 18, 2006

new camera!!!

well, actually i got a new camera. i have been saving my pennies for a couple of months now and went out two days ago and got a new camera! check it!

soooo now if anyone would like to tell me how to resize the stupid things i could post a couple picts from this past weekend. aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrg.

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June 10, 2006

ode to jillian...

there once was a girl named hill
and she had a friend called jill
she liked her i know (for what reason...weeeellllll...that is still to be determined)
cause she had a big toe
then she killed her for it.

she looked all around for a site
to dump that little mite
but alas and alack all she found was a shack
to conceal her transgresions of murder.

ok...so maybe poetry wasn't my calling...but i have fun AND THAT IS ALL THAT STINKING MATTERS!!!

so i am headed up to the wilds to see my man...:) i can't wait to see him!!! i haven't been able to talk with him for three weeks...so no shaving for me. (don't ask)

anyway, here i am at the furbi home and will be sleeping here. i am kinda scared cause drugs were just mentioned..."there's a hole in my bucket dear liza, dear liza..."

he he he

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