November 19, 2005

he is gracious.

i really don't like the song "count your blessings"...but the concept is amazing. i have been so blessed of the Lord recently. so i guess i will count them off. =)

1. chemistry...(the bane of my existence and the class that i am being made to take...but hey it builds character right??) the last test i took the Lord allowed me to get a 77%!!!!!!! that is the best grade i have ever gotten in any college level science class. the Lord was amazingly gracious on that one. that raised my grade to a 71 % in the class which that is a passing grade!

2. last month i met a man who was a leader of a trip heading for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I sent in my application and was accepted and this summer i am going!!! a dream really come true!!!

3. i have gotten a bunch of rest the last few days and that is amazing. i got to sleep in this morning and it was wonderful.

4. i got to watch the Ohio State/Michagan game....AND WE WON!!!!!!!!!! it was a score 25 to 21!!!!!!!!! and it didn't even go into overtime! =)

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November 15, 2005

never ending...

well tonights project of chemistry is over...but tomorrows looms ever bigger and blacker. this is a plea to everyone. PLEASE PLEASE pray i pass chemistry. i must pass chemistry. to some of you passing would be a "B" but i am praying for that beautiful sounding "C". science is not my forte and never has been. now it is robbing me of a whole night's is my new best friend. now to my pillow to dream of eq/L = N and dissociation and ionization and blastmeintheheadation.

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