September 19, 2005

i love you.

from the moment i saw you i knew we were destined to have a wonderful time together. you make me smile. you make my day fly by. every time i take a step i think of you. supportive, gentle, and helpful, but at the same time firm. your greatest delight is to make my day easier and more wonderful.

i am so glad you are in my life now.

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September 01, 2005

faces in the crowd.

it is the end of my era. i walk down the sidewalk at school and know hardly anyone. before i could say hello to almost ever other person. now, sadly, there are less than ever before. i had fun sitting out this last year. it was amazing to experience the joy of living on my own, of making my own choices, being my own person. but now that the rat race has begun again, and i do say that affectionately...,there is a sadness for the loss of my independance. people keep asking me "are you glad to be back?" how do i respond?

school has begun and the freshman class is bigger than ever. a whole new generation of impressionable minds that are being guided to Godliness. i am thankful for my school. though it is strict and sometimes seemingly unfair, i have been blessed so much thruough the loving guidance of my professors and friends. i have met people that have changed my life. that have forced me to God. I have been stretched in so many directions, and yes, have enjoyed the challenge sometimes. i am not a good student. so therefore the work part of school is hard for me. but the sense of accomplishment on exam day is amazing. three semesters left.

not knowing people is hard for me. walking by so many people with funnies, hurts, smiles, pain is hard for me. i want to see into their lives and find out what makes them tick. so many potential friends. but focus is the word of the semester. get my gpa up. so gpa, here we go!

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