September 28, 2004

reminds me of kelly

the children are beautiful. the women's clothes are amazing, but highly overpriced.

check out oilily

and by the way. when you get to the opening page, scroll down to the bottome of the page there and click on "view intro again". that way you can look at the magazine. it is all about presentation. the color combos are amazing.

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September 24, 2004

hill strikes again.

it happened at carolina coffee roasters. we were celebrating mom's birthday there after church on wednesday. we walk in and look around for a place to sit before we order. i notice about five guys from ole' bj-hue there sitting at a couple of tables and several people from the outside. one guy i knew and turned to say hello, but i kept walking and walked right into the "today's special" sign. it flipped over and i reached out to grab it (this looked like a windmill that is very helter-skelter and broken. it kinda looked like someone running after a ping pong ball that is rolling on the floor....rather humorous.) but it smacked on the floor. that wasn't the embarrassing part tho. remember that most of the people in the coffee place are guys right?? my mom speaks up in a loud voice "everyone, this is hillary hoagland!" some little whipper-snapper of a froshy speaks up, "oh, don't be embarrassed, it has happened several times already!" i gave him a withering look and said, "i do so many stupid things in my life that i have ceased to become embarrassed." and walked away.

i had to confess my sin of lying that night.

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hill: "heidi, how do you spell duck, like as in i ducked out of the way, and not the animal?"
heidi: "you are kidding right?"
hill: "umm, no. not the animal."
heidi: not speaking cause she was going into fits of laughter and scorn
hill: red in the face and laughing also
hill: "i love myself."


a couple of minutes later...

heidi: "so how were you intending to spell duck?"
hill: silence

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war of the paper towels.

i won. can i establish that right up front? thank you.

daddy and i got into a spontaneous fight the other night. it started with him. he is always the trouble maker. so anyway there i was all innocent sitting on the kitchen floor over by my windows eating dinner. it was kinda late. everyone else was in bed, dreaming the night away, when all of a sudden, a potato jumped off my plate and onto the floor.

i like my potato with lotsa butter. so it was just lathered up. i mean there is so much i could just feel my arteries clogging. so when it jumped off my plate it left a smear of butter across the floor. i thought, well that isn't nice, so i asked daddy for a paper towel. he threw the whole roll at me. but he was hold the end so when he threw it at me it unraveled almost all the way. i tore off what i needed and then held the end while he rolled it up. (can i insert again that i am totally innocent here??)

it was going beautifully. it was rolling pretty well, but i knew if we held it a little tighter it would roll faster. so i told daddy to hold it tighter. he did. but he pulled too tight and ripped the paper towels in half. that didn't make him too happy. so here is what happened.

he went to the kitchen sink and said "you need to get that yucky smear of butter of my nice, clean floor, yo" (well maybe not that exactly...) then he threw the wet paper towel at my head. i swiftly ducked and he missed. well, that started the war.

this is hang on. our counters in the kitchen are shaped like a "u". it is open with cabinets suspended from the ceiling on just one side. well daddy went down on his knees on one side of the "u" and i got on the other. i missed a few times, but it was so much fun. it was like giant spitballs. i threw one at daddy and it hit him in the shoulder and stuck there. the best was when i hit the wall behind him (i didn't miss...i was aiming there.) it just stuck there for a long time. then slid down the wall. the wall looked terrible and there was water everywhere. daddy was wet, but i was dry! =) i figured it is cause he is old. i can move pretty fast. poor daddy.

he only got me once and that was in the armpit. i don't know how he got it there, but it hit home. but i walked away victorious...until the next war.

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September 16, 2004

job description

when i interviewed for my job at the beginning of the summer, i had such lovely dreams of what it could become. i enjoy working at a law office. i thought, i could get into this and have a future here! here are SOME things that have been thrown in my direction.

1. unloading the dishwasher
2. water the flowers
3. kill a cockroach in the hallway
4. and today's winner is....drum roll please....

boss: hillary the grout in the upstairs bathroom used to be white. it looks pretty dirty to me (i am thinking in my mind, yes my mind not my toe, ok so am i going to scrub...bleach...i can see myself on my hands and knees with one of those bleach things a 1/4 in wide going in between every single tile. and the tile is the kind that are about 1 inch by 1 inch....i hope i get a bonus). could you call the tile company and see if they have anything to clean the tile and seal it??

so i make the phone call. feeling utterly stupid about the grout. heidi is laughing at me the whole time. i tell you, patience is a virtue in this job! i am expecting a mocha soon (my boss is heidi's boss and according to the april 1, 2004 entry....i expect some bribery too! =)

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September 03, 2004

my love story.

i am still reading in hosea. it is such a rebuke. it really describes my relationship with God. when i was little i remember my mom and i going thru the books, major bible themes. we did it for sunday school. we wrote in red notebooks and would do it every sunday. when we got to israel i remember her drawing a circle with spot was disobedience, the next was captivity, the next repentance, and restoration. mom showed me the pattern that the israelites would do over, and over again. i remember commenting that they were so stupid, and why couldn't they see that they were doing the same things repeatedly?

well, now i am no longer a child and have put off childish thoughts (??? =)) and have realized that i am an israelite. i am gomer. how many times during the day do i turn to my other gods. the god of fellowship. the god of materialism. the god of business. and so many more than i can ever count. and then we get to verses like 14:4 that say "i will heal their apostasy; i will love them freely, for my anger has turned from them." a friend told me that the term ephraim is like a term of endearment that God uses for the children of israel. so that turns the whole tone of the book around for me. it is no longer a blast 'em, shoot-'em-up, knock-their-socks-off kind of anger. it is a father reprimanding his children. like my daddy. when i do wrong he actually does "do this because i love you." God my Father loves me to the point that he will love me in spite of my idolitry. in spite of my wandering heart. in spite of myself and who i am. he loves me because he sees himself in me.

and that is love. that is my love story. my God loves me so much that no matter how much i go running away to my different gods and idols and distractions, he is always there to reprimand me, go searching for me, and lovingly bring be back to where i should be. i am so thankful God doesn't treat me like i treat others. last night drew and i were driving back from the evangelistic services at school. he was doing the guy thing and either burping or doing that beat thing that guys love to know what i am talking about? ok good. i told him to stop. i was tired and very ready to be home. he said he was sorry, then he started up about ten seconds later. i told him to stop again. he said he was sorry then started back up again. i told him, that he could stop or not ride with me again. he said he was sorry. then i said, "you know drew, sorry the first time meant something. the next couple of times didn't mean anything at all cause you kept doing the same thing. if you really are sorry, then mean it and stop completely and don't do it again." ouch. i pretty much slammed myself with those words. cause how many times do i do something, then say"oh Lord, i am so sorry!" then turn around the very next day, minute, week and do the same exact sin all over again?

and yet he loved me, loves me, will love me. and that i do not deserve.

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