August 31, 2004

i never knew

i was reading last night in my companion to narnia book and found the most interesting thing that i never knew.

in the magician's nephew polly makes the comment about uncle andrew "maybe he keeps a mad wife shut up there." the book pointed out that that is a literary reference to jane eyre and the mad wife that rochester keeps locked up on the third floor. how cool is that???!!

i am learning so much from that book. it is really worth your time.

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August 27, 2004

red hair

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i want my mommy and a cup of tea.

i am at work. my head is like a box of fuzz and i feel like carp. i want to crawl in bed and sleep for the next ten days. but my room is messy.

can someone get me some tea???

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August 26, 2004

make my own fun

yesterday was one of those terrible, horrible, awful, no good, very bad days. so i decided that today would be better, or else.

so i turned on some music and danced in the office, barefoot. i have my princess dress on today, and it is the perfect dress for dancing.

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for other dummies like me

i can never remember the address for the moveable type thing. so i have added a nifty difty little link on my page. for my benifit. you can use it too i suppose.

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August 25, 2004


to all who use my school account to email me, that will be nonexistant on friday. so, don't email me there if you want to get ahold of me. email me at juno!

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August 23, 2004

i'm all grown up now.

i got my ears pierced. and i dyed my hair red. it was quite the fun thing. my dad was a little shocked that i got my ears pierced. when i told him, he said "ok, well, don't get your eye, nose, belly button or anything else pierced." then i got my hair dye. i guess you can say that it is a european red. something like that. i should put a pict up...i will soon. =) along with all the other picts i need to post....but aren't we running out of space?

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August 12, 2004

rain rain rain rain

if you look at the cars in front of you when you are driving in the rain the water that comes off the car makes a beautiful designs on the road. i think jeep suv's have the best, cause the little honda i was behind didn't make the best. i think the jeep has the right height and proportions for the best designs.

i made a tower today but a picture will have to wait till this evening. work doesn't have the connection i need from my camera to the computer.

speaking of which, sorry for not posting recently. daddy took away the computer with internet, so i only have at work to check email, do posts etc. and i can only do those on lunch break or when doug is do forgive and forget.

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August 05, 2004

proverbs 17:17

i have an army bookbag. i got it for my birthday in february. it is the coolest thing. i got it at the army navy store on main street in downtown greenville. i think you could probably fit all my school books, iraq and the united states military all in it. that is how big it is.

slowly i have been making it my own bag. puting patches here and there. pins and stuff like that. one special thing that i have on it is a patch from my grandpa hoagland's uniform from WWII. it says HOAGLAND on it and i love it. grandma sent it to me to give to my brother about a month ago. i showed it to him and he scoffed it off and said he didn't want it. so i smiled like a sweet sister should and sewed it to my bag.

today i got the news. drew is going to the academy in a couple of weeks. he needs a bag. he finally saw how cool my bag is and now wants one of his own. but the problem is that he doesn't want to buy it himself and mom doesn't want to have to go all the way downtown to buy it. so guess who gets to be the sacrificing little girl???

a little history on my family before i finish my story of THE BAG. whenever drew gives me something, he is really sweet about it and so sincere. he will tell me he wants me to have it and doesn't like the thing anymore or it isn't cool. so i get it. about two months later he will come back to me, guns blazing and tell me i am abusing his things and what am i doing with his stuff? i just kinda stare at him like he has three heads, five feet and no brain at all, and say "don't you remember giving this to me?" he will then sweetly respond "oh, i never gave it to you. i was just letting you borrow it." then he will proceede to go to dad and demand that he get his things back. i, of course tell dad the circumstances, then dad will look at both of us (mostly me) and say "i will let the most mature one here give up..." whatever that article happens to be. of course, me being the 22 year old blessing that i am rush to say i will be the selfless one and give drew (the little indian-giver) the item back.

that said. today mom pulled the "i want to see who will be more mature" trick out of her bag. parents really can get really slimy sometimes. so she said, "hillary, you need to read proverbs 17:17. " i thought i was going to get some big sermon on how i should be selfless and giving and sweet and 22.

here is what prov. 17:17 says.

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

can i say amen???

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August 02, 2004

figurative or literal?

16They return, but not upward;[2]
they are like a treacherous bow;
their princes shall fall by the sword
because of the insolence of their tongue.
This shall be their derision in the land of Egypt.

i am going thru the book of hosea right now. it is a hard and fascinating book. so many times you read about isreal crying out to God from captivity and God rescuing them. then they fall back into their idolitry and i sit there and think how stupid these people are. God treats them so kindly, and yet they turn their backs on him right as soon as they get their way. but then i remember how many times a day i do the same thing to the Lord. but that is not my question here.

in this verse it refers to their derision in the land of egypt. this is several years after the years of captivity. is this refering to egypt in a figurative way? i know that israel gets captured by babylon, so maybe that is what God is refering to?

also throughout the book if you read in the ESV bible the pronouns of isreal are masculine. isn't isreal always refered to in the feminine? judah is refered to in this book as feminine. i was thinking that in the beginning of the book it talks about how God will reject israel and have mercy on judah. maybe judah is taking the place of israel as the bride of Christ here in this book because israel has rejected God??? any thoughts?

ps- sorry for spelling errors.

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