April 25, 2004


an idea for this summer....and it has to do with....

what do you think?

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When you came, you were like red wine and honey,
And the taste of you burnt my mouth with its sweetness.
Now you are like morning bread,
Smooth and pleasant.
I hardly taste you at all for I know your savour,
But I am completely nourished.

(not that i have anyone in mind....i just like this poem)

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April 22, 2004

an ode on medication and brown butterflies

oh medication you make me see
things that are not there
like butterflies brown and green
bears and frogs i see when i stare.

ok so maybe poetry isn't my calling. i haven't really gotten into it yet, so do forgive me.

we got a new computer today. an hp pavilion a450n. whatever that means. it is a pentium 4 and really fun. i like it. my brother i think thinks he owns it. =)

new news. i went back to the doctor tuesday and she put me on new medication to see if i react well to it. it kinda makes me sick. at least i haven't thrown up yet. but she is fairly certain that i have lymes disease. if i do i go on six months of antibiotic therapy which is an iv i think. something like that. but we will see.

i officially withdrew from next semseter today. hard choice, but neccessary. maybe someday i will finish college. =)

i think that is all my news for now.


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April 18, 2004

my shoulders vs His shoulders.

God will not give me anything more than He can handle.

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grumble and complain.

i am 22 years old and want to be like others my age. i want to be able to have the energy to finish a college degree. i want to go to different countries on missions trips. but no. i can't. i am sick. i have no energy to do that much. so do i shout and shake my fist at God? after all he was the one who did this to me.

i smile on the outside. "praise the Lord, he is in control." i am suffering yes. but thank the Lord he is going to take care of me.

inside i hate it. hate being tired. hate being achy. hate doctors poking me and invading my privacy.

last night i picked up a book i happened to have in my library. it is called joni. written in 1970-something. about a 19 year old who became paralized after a diving accident. she remains paralized. here is a statement she made in her book.

"I saw God continually 'working out my salvation.' he helped me deal with my past, for which he had fogiven me thru Christ's death and resurrection. then i saw him effectively at work in the present. although still apprehensive, i knew God was working in my life to save me not only from the past penalty of sin, but from its present power. finally, i knew his spirit was busy within me, trying to create a Christlike character in my life. therefore, i could trust him for the future and the full expression of his redempthion which i would realize in the life to come." (pgs 164-165)

this is a girl who had no feeling whatsoever below her shoulders. months in the hospital. months in rehab. still in a wheelchair.

and i complain.

then i go to a website and read about a guy who is in constant pain. and yet he rejoices in the God of his salvation.

i am not in constant pain. i am able to walk, skip, jump, feel the rain on my arms and face. i am alive. i just get tired.

and still i grumble and complain. who was ever promised a perfect life?

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April 16, 2004

food, friends, fellowship and a deasil engine.

this afternoon tim french (a talented web/anything designer), nathan (another talented graphic design person) and my good friend gwen all went to schlotzki's deli for dinner. and b&n after for the blessed nectar of the gods and books. more discussion. more fun.

but the best part was the deasil engine of the brand new jetta we rode in. this sound is (as you know) the most nicest sound to my ears. =) the highlight of my day.

the combination of food (one of my most favorite hobbies), friends (another favorite past time), fellowship (women have to get 30,000 words a day in as opposed to men's 10,000), and a deasil engine. (the summer locust is a wonderful sound as well, so the most perfect setting for me would be sitting in a car with a deasil engine listening to the sound of locust outside the car...) made for a lovely day. but it was kinda ruined by the biology test i had to take, but we won't talk about that.

gwen has a wonderful blonde moment that happened today that i am just itching to share, but alas, she claims that privilege. blast. i laughed so hard i could hardly take it. and you didn't have to be there to appreciate it either.

here is a random picture i found of my cute parents. i love them to pieces. image008.JPG

i will just say that mom and i are a lot alike. =)

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April 14, 2004

i lost the thumbnails.

anyone know where they went? i wanted to use one today and nothing doing. if you need to get into my account, just email me and i can send you my info...
this is a great loss.

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with great anticipation i await the newest harry potter movie coming out soon. as many times as i have read the book, i still can't wait to see the movie. i always wonder if sirus really will get to harry or not. will snape get in the way?

is potions anything like my biology class? i think it must be. my teacher even looks like snape. he doesn't fail me on purpose, but i still think that biology should not be part of the FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE major. (aka home ec.) i mean when was the last time i ever used biology in the kitchen? i ask you! sheesh.

but anyway. i have a friend. yes, his name is cory who looks like harry potter. there should be a hogwarts day at school.... here is cory. harry potter in the mind's eye.

the picture is a story that was realted to me written by kammer. the wookie of series of doors. the story made me laugh so hard i was crying. here it is.



And when Cory had come to the waters which is called el-Beth-Tybee, he stooped
to refresh himself. But the waters were bitter and it liked him not. He
therefore sought a branch to cast into it to refresh the waters but found him
not one there.

Therefore, Cory purposed in his heart to take leave of the plain. But he became
him stalled when a tiny voice cried to him and spake, saying, "Sir, set
down thy hand and carry me thus out of these waters."

And Cory, being made low, looked and beheld, and there was within the foam an
tiny man, struggling mightily. He cried again with an loud voice to Cory and
spake, saying, "Quick doofus, hurry thyself help me for I am soon to be
o'er taken in this flood!"

Straightaway Cory set him down his hand, with all haste, but the tiny man was
taken under swiftly, gargling. As suddenly as he came, so thus he went thither.
The speed of which was so that Cory determined he'd seen a phantom.

And Cory called the place "Murray" which being interpretted is,
"Tiny Man of the Tide Pools."

And Cory left sorrowing for he was still great with thirst and wanted a burger.

this is where you are to look at the picture again. you will laugh as i did. =)

ok now that this mish-mash of ideas has come out, i wish you a blessed day and joy and happiness be on y'all's first-borns.

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April 10, 2004

top 10 things NOT to do when sewing...

1. sew thru finger

2. sew thru finger

3. sew thru finger

4. sew thru finger

5. sew thru finger

6. sew thru finger

7. sew thru finger

8. sew thru finger

9. sew thru finger

and the top thing NOT to do when sewing.....

10. sew thru finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just got back from the emergency room...more tomorrow.

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April 07, 2004


gwen posted on esin about our friend charles who stepped out into eternity last night. 23 years old. it is the most sobering thing that has happened for a while. it is different when you know a person who is gone.

but isn't encouraging that we don't sorrow as unbelievers do? we have a hope in Jesus Christ.

i don't know if gwen mentioned it but charles was traveling home this weekend to go to his grandma's funeral. their family needs much prayer today and in the near future.

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can anyone help?

i don't know how, but i am getting wierd "people" commenting on my site. how do i change this and am i doing something wrong?

i think jbo had a problem with this earlier. i just went tru and deleted their comments.

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April 03, 2004

i got it.

i am still in shock over the whole thing. $1449.95 later i am still in shock. i am on a 12 months same as chash plan to pay it off. after the 12 months there is a 24.6% intrest rate on the thing. so i think i will be paying it off in a year. i have the money, well all but $200, so i didn't go into debt too much.

it is so cool. it is a bernina 145S model. it has all sorts of bells and whistles and dancing hippos with palm fronds. i am so excited i can hardly wait to get playing. =)

so pardon if this is a short entry. i am going to go have some fun!

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i'm off!

here i go to buy a sewing machine.

keep your fingers crossed and i will let you know how it comes off.

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April 02, 2004

infinity and beyond...

today was a day to mark in history. colors dazzled my senses. all five of them (well, maybe not taste...side track...have you ever thought of how colors would feel? yellow would be downy and soft like a baby chick or duck. red would be hard, metalic feeling, blue would be like a pillow..done side tracking now.)

i went into mary jo's cloth store for the first time today and boy did i have the time of my life. raw silk, LINEN, tapestry, dan smith the registrar (actually he isn't the registrar any more, but say dan smith the registrar. it just flows off the tongue. like bacon and eggs, or penut butter and jelly. they can't be separated.) but dan smith was there. he was wearing a suit looking spiffy as usual. what he was doing in mary jo's is a hay day for the immagination.

back to the point. i bought a grand total of 8 yards of linen today. proud? yes. i am. beautiful. much better price than hancocks. i highly recommend it.

we also popped into a bernina sewing machine store where i came inches away from my first in-debt experience. i think i am going to do it. a beautiful machine. it had my name written all over it, i swear.

but for all you faithful people out there i do have some news about health related issues. i had my CAT scan today at nine this morning (no there were no dogs, and no mice). there was a slight difficulty cause for some odd reason this time i reacted to the x-ray dye. my eye swelled up and was burning like nobody's business for a while. it was very odd. but next time (Lord willing, there won't be a next time) i will have to go on steriroids the day before cause for some reason my body decided not to like the dye anymore.

also something kinda scary happened in the bernina store. my nose started bleeding. it has kinda been bleeding on and off for a while, but it just took off today. so pray everything works out ok. i don't have any of my other test results back, but i will keep everyone updated.

thanks for your prayers, and mary jo, you da' bomb!

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