June 23, 2005

a year in retrospect

A Year in Retrospect: A Small and Incomplete Photojournal from a Substandard Photographer, Who Didn't Even Take All of These Pictures.

Summer '04 - Hotel in Banff
Summer '04 - Banff
Fall '04 - my roommate
Christmas '04 - Gypsy street musicians
Christmas '04 - Prague architecture
Spring '05 - the fambly
found, Spring '05 - recently recovered photo of my dad, early '70s vintage

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June 18, 2005

an evening

Friday night was 70s Roller Skating Night.

This is the sort of activity thought up by us Gen-X youngsters who apparently have nothing better to do with our time.

Unfortunately, only 5 people showed up, and only 3 of us were dressed for the occasion. So instead we bowled, and later discussed the meaning of life over heaping scoops of ice cream.

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June 17, 2005

another bloomsday past

You all, no doubt, knew that yesterday was Bloomsday. I hope you rejoiced in proper celebratory manner.

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June 15, 2005

from the mouth of cage

I have recently been pointed to the very short short stories of composer John Cage. You may not know who John Cage is, and if you do, you may think he was a freak. And you probably didn't know he wrote short stories. My favorite line from any of the stories:

“Well, I specialize in the jelly fungi; I just give the fleshy fungi a whirl.”

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June 13, 2005

summer festivities

Check it out. You mustn't miss it. You shall experience a veritable sensory smorgasbord as the wedding ritual unfolds, a breathtaking ceremony of muzik, dance, incense, and fine Persian food. Be sure that you don't miss the choreographed song&dance performance of a troupe of howler monkeys. Special muzik will be provided by the Blue Man Group, the King Singers, Stomp, the Backstreet Boys, and Ottmar Liebert. If you can't come, send a wedding present.

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June 06, 2005

my foray into wilderness living

My first time camping.

I made a number of discoveries; I now know that--regardless of what you may have observed on Bugs Bunny--a campfire cannot be started by rubbing two sticks together. And just forget about using a magnifying glass, especially in the dark. In fact, a campfire cannot be started even by means of dry wood, matches, and a starter log. A successful campfire requires approximately 14 pounds of newspaper, at least 8 or 9 people simultaneously attempting to ignite combustible materials, and about 3 hours of your time. I also discovered that a bony 6’3” frame is not made to sit on an uneven 4” tall soot-covered stone for 2 hours.

The fire did finally start, and we were rewarded with a glorious confection known as s'mores, a delicacy entirely devour-able in all its marshmallowy goodness. We sang, we testified, we shrieked as flying sparks landed in our hair, we retired upon the wet and unforgivingly hard ground.

We awoke to the sound of a burbling stream, sore and happy, and spent the morning burning various consumer items, including marshmallows, styrofoam plates, and plastic forks, as well as the occasional member of the invertebrate kingdom.

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