April 23, 2005

social action

The Great Commission includes the words, "teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." And what did he command? He told the story of the desperate wounded man and the good Samaritan who "showed him mercy," and then said to all of us, "You go, and do likewise."

-John Piper

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April 09, 2005


I've made my directorial debut with a new short film. I'll probably have to make several more before they put me on the Internet Movie Database.

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April 07, 2005

Recorded Conversation #2

Like I said in my last entry, my friends are weird.

P. 1: Lunch plans?

P. 2: Yes. Work hours to make up, papers to write, books to read—the ever-present burdens borne by the procrastinator—these necessitate a quick lunch. For greater speed and efficiency, I will be inhaling food through both my mouth and my nostrils (in addition to my normal absorption of the food through the membrane of my skin by osmosis).

P. 1: My! I must see this! May I catch a ride with you, my semi-permeable friend?

P. 2: Through these eating techniques I will be able to finish my food (after getting seconds) within 2.1 minutes. In addition, I will be retain 26% more nutrients by my new osmosis techniques. The downside is that I have to rub the food into the semi-permeable membrane of my skin to get the diffusion process started. Be in the parking lot at noon or you shall miss your ride.

P. 1: Wow. . . . Don't ever use your powers for evil.

P. 2: Do you know how starfish eat? They clamp their starry arms upon a clam, after which they jiggle open the shell through . . . well, a jiggling motion. They then extrude their stomachs into the clam shell, releasing stomach acids and using their stomach muscles to work the clam into a a mushy, amorphous substance. Homemade clam chowder. Perhaps this is a metaphor for art, for man’s ability and need to create art from the fertile soil (pardon the mixing of metaphors) of his own imagination, which in turn nourishes him, betters him, makes him more fully human. We create art, it creates us. Do you ever wonder if that's how they make the clam chowder at Red Lobster?

P. 1: I’ll see you at noon.

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