May 09, 2007

Adopted Cousins

So, I've adopted some new cousins...

About two or three weeks ago, Rachel and Anna Rose kept me company in the lobby of my office while their mother was speaking to one of our loan officers. We had a blast, I gave them candy and stuff to draw on... Come to find out, they are my friend Michelle's cousins! Yesterday was Anna Rose's birthday, so I helped Michelle kidnap them and take them to the park and then ice cream. It was a blast!!

Anna Rosie


Michelle and the girls

This is my favorite shot! :) Smile!

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April 27, 2005


Good times with friends! Of course you have to be goofy...


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March 11, 2005


I love friends!

Best Friends. Friends that I haven't seen for a while. Friends that I've known for what seems ages. Friends that I see everyday. Friends that I wish I knew better. Friends that have stuck with it through thick and thin. New Friends and the possibilities...

I love sitting down with them and catching up on life, talking about what's going on, seeing how we've changed, getting to know each other better, talking via phone or IM or email, laughing, partying, dancing, singing, being serious, being goofy. To name a few.

I especially love talking about God and His word. Sharing and sharpening.

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November 27, 2004

Thanksgiving drama

I spent part of my thanksgiving day in the Emergency Room at St. Francis Hospital.
A group of friends, that were not traveling for the holidays, decided to get together for the Thanksgiving meal at 2pm. Each of us had a certain dish or food item to bring.
My roommate brought apple and carmel for dipping. As he started cutting the apples, the knife was a lot sharper than he expected and he cut a gash about 1 1/2 inches long in his upper palm. The fact that the kitchen was very warm, he hadn't eaten anything all day, and the sudden blood loss, caused him to pass out and my friend to freak out and call 911.
2 hours and 8 stiches later, I got to partake of the feast.

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November 24, 2004

silly goofy story

Disclaimer: This is a transcript from AIM, completely disregard spelling/grammar/mechanical errors. The other person's name was changed to protect the innocent...

“teacher friend”: one more “paper to” grade...and then I can type faster
“teacher friend”: you can tell me a story
“teacher friend”: while I finish
semperlanier: Once upon a time...
semperlanier: There were three little friend that loved to play down by the pond. They had a tire swing under a huge weaping willow...
semperlanier: And a rope swing to jump into the water...
semperlanier: The summer's were lazy and free. Hours and hours spent talking about anything and everything that little friends talk about...
semperlanier: The eldest was barely 8 and just a couple months older than the other two, but still he was the leader...
semperlanier: His name was mike, but he was know as mighty mike, but that's a story in and of itself. The other two were ryan and joey.
“teacher friend”: this is fun
semperlanier: They were born two days apart and look very much alike, so everyone considered them the twins...
semperlanier: So mighty mike and the twins loved to climb the tree and pretend that it was a rocket ship to the moon...
semperlanier: When they would get to the moon, they would bound off the ship and jump around prettending it was low gravity.
“teacher friend”: are you really makig this up or are you reading something?
semperlanier: For hours on end they would jump and jump around the forest.
semperlanier: (I'm really making this up, shhh...)
“teacher friend”: sorrry
semperlanier: :)
“teacher friend”: :P
semperlanier: lol
semperlanier: (don't do that, you'll make me loose my place...)
semperlanier: And when they would tire, they would all lay down in a little clearing, breathing hard and staring up at the clear blue sky. After a time, they would race each other to Mr. Bill's house and beg for popsicles.
semperlanier: Mr. Bill would pretend that he didn't have any, or say that he was busy... But the boys knew that he always kept grape and lemon popsicles just for them...
semperlanier: After Mr. Bill finally gave in, they would sit on the porch and swing back and forth on the bench. And Mr. Bill would tell them stories of bravery back in the good 'ole days of WWII.
semperlanier: If Mr. Bill was tired, they would just swing and watch the wind blow through the tall grass and bushes... Other times they would tell jokes till their sides hurt...
semperlanier: But of course, dusk would come and they would have to say goodbye to Mr. Bill and go home.
“teacher friend”: :)
semperlanier: Long ago they had figured out the exact center point between their homes, with the help of Mr. Bill of course.
semperlanier: At this exact location they would do their secret hand shake and promise to be friend for ever. Then Mighty Mike, Ryan and Joey would walk in their seperate direction and at the last place where they could see each other would turn and wave goodnight...
semperlanier: The end...

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