May 26, 2008

She said YES!

Friday (5/23) night, three months to the date that we started dating, I asked Lauren to marry me. Three months ago, after seeking God’s guidance, Lauren and I decided to date with the intent of seeking God and His will regarding our future.
In the way that He was working in our lives and growing us closer together, it became certain to me that we should marry. Now I had to propose!

We had dinner downtown at one of our favorite places and then we wandered around the park. Lauren had no clue that I would be asking and on top of that I played a little trick to further throw her off. We found one of the swinging benches and were sitting talking about a number of things, enjoying the beautiful park and weather. Over the past month, we have been working through “101 Questions To Ask Before Getting Engaged”, so I had brought the book along to go through some questions. After a couple of questions, the conversation led to a point where I asked: “What would you do if I gave you a ring tonight?” She said something to the effect that it would really shock her. So, I reached over to my coat, dug around in one my pockets, and pulled out a Candy Ring Pop. We laughed and Lauren asked if she could trade it in for a real diamond one day. I told her maybe someday…

We got up and walked around the park some more (it was a perfectly beautiful evening!). We went around to a little secluded “secret garden” that a friend had showed me a while ago. It’s basically a little cubby in between some buildings with a little cobbled path, some plants and a bench. We sat there and talked for some time, and then I told her I had a question for her, as I got down on one knee. “Would you marry me?” I asked. And she said: “Are you kidding me?” So I pulled out the ring and handed it to her and she said: “Are you serious, is this for real?” And then she said: “YES!”

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