December 21, 2006

New Computer

New to me, that is... A friend works at a large engineering company here in town and they were getting rid of their "old" machines (aka 2 to 3 years old). Compared to my 8 year old dinosaur, this new machine is like a jet airplane. :) So for $100, I get a new system that I think is pretty wicked fast. It is a dual-core, with only one 1.8 Ghz processor in at the moment. I went to ebay and found an identical processor for $50. Time to double up!
It is an engineering machine, so it is a beast - size-wise (I think that's what I'm going to call it - "The Beast").

Meet The Beast:

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December 13, 2006

Happy Merryness to you!


This photo is going to be my christmas card this year. I'm going to make my own card this year. Xpedx here I come to get some cardstock and envelopes. :)

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