May 26, 2006

Tomorrow Mexico

That's right, bright and early tomorrow our team takes to the skies on a journey bound to Mexico and 100 degree weather. Yes, I packed lots of sun-tan lotion. I'm in charge of the games/activities during our VBS time, so one of my bags is full of soccer balls, a volleyball, whiffle balls, and various and sundry other game related stuff. I'm so excited that we get to go and be servants. It's neat to give back to missionaries. I don't know if I'll get a chance to post anything while I'm there, but I will most certainly post pictures and stories once I get back.

I'm pretty much all packed, so what am I going to do tonight? I'm going to a Greenville Drive (baseball) game! Oh yeah! Nothing like baseball before a mission trip.

Here's the basics of what's going on: Mexico PDF

Thank you for your prayers and support! They are very appreciated. God bless!

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May 18, 2006

Mission Trip Update

Praise the Lord!! God has provided over and above the amount needed for the mission trip. I'm so excited! Not only is my part all covered, the excess goes to help someone else on my team.

Just wanted to leave some quick non-specific info about our mission trip flight. We leave GSP (Greenville) on Saturday the 27th @ 6:30am and arrive in Mexico around 11:00am. Then we leave Mexico June 2nd and arrive in Greenville around 11pm.

Pray for us! Thank you.

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May 10, 2006

Mission Team

Here is my team! The moose is a vital part - he's our mascot.

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