November 15, 2004

Who is Mr. Tall?

Yes, I am tall.
I am actually 6’4” and thin which accents the fact.
(I avoid vertical strips on clothing and try to wear horizontal, but it doesn’t seem to help much)

Why would I choose this as my blogging site name? Just because of a couple of memories…
-I had a good friend in college that took sign language and my sign name was the letter T raised above her head.
-I recently went to visit my cousin's 4th grade classroom. As soon as I walked in the door, this little girl piped up: “Oh my goodness, he’s tall! he’s taller than Mt. Everest.” So for the rest of the day I was Mr. Tall and by the end of the day all the little girls had a crush on me.

So... who is Mr. Tall?
My name is Tom Glass. I grew up in Uruguay, South America; my parents have been missionaries there for the past 27 years. I graduated from BJ in 2003 with a business degree. And now, I live and work in Greenville and attend North Hills Community Church. (No personal bias here… but North Hills is the best!)

I love… Jesus, family, church, friends, teens, teaching children, pottery/art, tea, coffee, books, and photography…

Posted by tomglass at November 15, 2004 11:09 AM