January 05, 2005


I had one of my recurring dreams. Yes, I have a few recurring dreams. I remember my dreams a lot because I sleep lightly and have irregular sleep patterns. Anyway, this one was about church. I was organist. But I was high up in a dark balcony and I could barely see the songleader (who looked a lot like Frank Garlock). Anyway, the organ lights kept going out so I had to find a flashlight and I couldn't find the pages. That's one of the worst feelings in the dream. Everyone starts singing, but I am thumbing through the two books. Plus this particular organ didn't have the stops labled easily so it was really hard to read. I could only get the pedals going well and a solo flute stop. It was lame. They were labled in braille, but I can't read that.

I think this has something to do with my being organist in Michigan at my church. You see we used multiple books and all sorts of music. And there were repeats in the music and I had to turn pages on the fly and plus there was an "orchestra." So we all had to be together. Plus, I was just learning that organ. I had to figure out all the stops on my own and how they'd sound with the ensemble. It was fun. It is odd to be dreaming things like this now, because I loved being organist there. It wasn't tense. Even with all the page turning and hoping I'd get the repeats right. I loved the music there and the congregation loved, loved to sing. They sang with all their hearts.

Posted by micah on January 5, 2005 05:27 PM

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