February 25, 2005

Get 'em while they're hot!

Seems like more and more people are in the market for digital cameras. One good place to get digital cameras and accessories is B&H Photo, a great NYC-based audio-video store run by Hasidic Jews. I've bought several things from them and their service is good as long as you're not ordering around a Jewish holiday. (Saturday's don't work either, because of Shabbat observations.)

Yesterday, a B&H warehouse in Brooklyn burned in a four-alarm fire, so maybe there's a fire sale in the works.

For more, check out the coverage at ABC7 or fire photographer Steve Spak's website.

My brother and a friend and I have made pilgrimages to the store in Manhattan. It's a really neat place to visit if you're into audio, video, cinema, or still photography. Hopefully all the losses will be covered by insurance.

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