September 16, 2014


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September 15, 2014


Ecclesiastes 8, this morning.

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Ecclesiastes 8

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September 06, 2014


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September 05, 2014

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September 04, 2014

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September 03, 2014

1192. Second Story Sounds

Second story sounds were scratching in the gutter above,

at the eave. Listening, they stopped. On ground level I opened

the closure where rain drains away from our house's foundation, so

the trapped life would find light and a throughway. It had, after

what may have been a second-story free-fall through

contained darkness, to the ground, like rainwater knows.

The mouse was grown, gray, curled up, trembling

through the opened curve; its eyes were closed, and nesting straw

followed it down.

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September 02, 2014

1191. pristine imperfection

caressing the heartbeat remembering

fluff was not baggage, nor was firewood

petrified, carried for its age, its altered permanence

more words;
later, something to speak, today's voice giving room

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1190. simple orchestral


instrumental lines
call for more musicians

one beginning, prepared for scores
simple or not, popular or panned, theatre of players

knowing, having practiced a line into [the] music [that] [is] in them, calling
that forth, affirming [their] God's gifts to them—music

simple or not, popular or panned, one theatre gives
resolution, satisfaction, and tickets

may bring icing for life,
[that] instrumental


morning writing, first draft, not examined;
music in the house is Lionel Richie's Back To Front:
his thanksgiving written in the flyleaf of the cd is glorious love

[second read shows me an edit will happen; too many "thats"
and awkward words attempting to even line lengths]

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September 01, 2014

1189. color photos

Reference of a day

that paint began

there: likeness.



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1188. many stores

in our city, many stores
selling pretty
much all

we need
at any point
yesterday, today forgot

to tie its shoes, thinking
class began;

the bus
left, listen,
this list is waking me up

to choosing what store,
for food is

and a
list guides
eyes to share the feet,

gather walking freight,
good sails

aisles we
dream of islands away

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1187. steady fluttering

our air
this room,
close to other closer

walls lean cornered up
right snug when storming sills
and trees grown years before
were light

our fluttering hearts, one chill re-
chord a wail's electricity, safe-
quartered two,
two lengths quiet

low speed
temperate high,
perspiring hum

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