July 16, 2014

1186. chill

weather trees sense cold limbs before autumn

temperatures rose

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July 15, 2014

1185. pons

the sun tonight when
rainfall whisked our city soft
stem is glowing warm

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July 11, 2014

1184. there it is, the summary again

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1183. where trees house


wings double, fling small their

nudged, gait-less being twiggy-soft

branching high

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1182. almost remembered

the other land, walking in bright

air this morning

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1181. the market

fell with the locks

of reading about

another land

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July 07, 2014

1180. Briefly seen at a distance

Thinking mostly of our own young puppy, not ready to meet larger dogs; at least, not easily ready to meet larger, older, social dogs.

Today reminded that Time may not remain open for readiness to rise in puppies, though training is important and, yes, needs steady minds.

The larger, older, social dogs may or may not be where they were later today or tomorrow, even though they have seemed permanent for weeks now.

Isn't that often the way new events unfold, like "permanent weeks" only?

How often is it that a passing Hello lets a neighbor in on a goodbye?

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July 05, 2014

1179. hunger

claimed shadows in the walls trees made, reaching through light descended years
upon versing air and water, weather speaks temperate, thought's strange, insistent braiding.

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1178. age

hands the feet

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1177. listening

to ands now, their voices, each in time

deciphering memories—more than that—speaking their

childhoods' story, comparing days as shared

experience, explaining why now is full of ands: how this and

that, and the way else un-flows from that is why, maybe;

and can they know, not knowing how much longer their

parent might be reconciled within their childhood,

quickening grown ups.

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July 03, 2014

1176. traverse

traverse large leafed green sparrows winding

string like feather veins dropped finest

moss, as moss is slow,

gathering, stationary,

its young communion,

older, older

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1175. rising dream

today's thunder tomorrow's perspective

water sloping through walk
ways gurgling stones, feet
still, finding modern pieces
broken, dropped, shattered, entire,
like celebrations were mountain
rising, a pebble's dream.

tove walk waet

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