June 15, 2014

1174. Redeemed by Christ's Blood, Obedience, Life, Death, and Resurrection

I trust in God's Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, Who has given life in our births, and beyond those gifts of life, has redeemed our lives through Himself revealed as the only way to God, through Himself into the New Birth by Our Heavenly Father and Christ's Holy Spirit.

Joy will yet be made new, and regressive thinking, chemically balanced by laboratories, will yet and is even now surrendered to Our Living God and His gifts, the largest being salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust our Heavenly Father's Grace in Christ Jesus and bless His Holy Spirit, submitting and welcoming His Discerning Presence within this body of flesh, to the moment, that Joys won and given by our Lord Jesus Christ will surely be refreshed—redeemed—as certain as our flesh has been redeemed by Christ Himself, sent by God, the Living God, our Heavenly Father.

May the will of the Living God reconciled to us through His Beloved Son, and His blessed Holy Spirit be strong in times of weakness, overcoming evil with good; and above all logic, make Christ's Literal Blessing evident in His Word, Christ Emmanuel, given for our redemption and surpassing joy to know His Person in heaven through His Holy Spirit given: to us, redeemed to redeem the time these days, looking for Christ's return, and comforted by the power of His Person through His Holy Spirit.

Each day l live for and toward and through Christ Jesus, God's Love Manifested as The Word, Alive, Redeeming, Fulfilling all His Joy. To Christ Jesus and God Almighty, our Heavenly Father, through the help of His Holy Spirit to us, I thank God for life and life eternal, given as grace.

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