May 31, 2014

1173. respecting lost worlds

takes time,

finding new worlds,

same great day, same
great day, same great
day, same

takes time

waking another when
the other is lost

, a sub- and counter-
fit-to-belong imperative mercy,

as though remorse were guilt.
nothing of the kind.
that is all,

however much you say
the EQ is the EZ way out, child,
child, child. with so many, or just one,


gently done, salvage.

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May 30, 2014



9% 1:11 AM

10% 1:12 AM

subtraction by attention:

to write something; to right something;
enough, in time

14%, 15% 1:16 AM

18% 1:18 AM, 1:19 AM
19% 1:19 AM, 1:20 AM 20% 1:21 AM


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May 21, 2014

1171. of glass, finding


Light ground gatherer
piecing shards from landed
bottles strewn as broken, strung
through lamp's hand-numb carriers sat
long as lain so, upon their ground, dreaming
forms like eons-caught fallen, common sight in
liquid, salt, sand, stone in snow-mountain trees.

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May 16, 2014

1170. spoon




not "singed"; rather, plural and past and present tense: a noun and verb.

Will structure this into a form.

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May 02, 2014


Life saving is
cooperation, trust, mutual

Perseverance is different life
saving: it persists spiritual and physical,
risks, cautious, ever

returning from lost to found; circling follows guided
ways, however reversed ways
seem, for known

hope remembered sustenance,
shelter, gratitude, loving

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May 01, 2014


fly inside.

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1167. Years In

A House
Yesterday Brought

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