April 30, 2014

1166. morning co

Ordination, hands make up day-

slow chords walking lines through

muse's stagnant level, warbling grays.

Grace retains listening fingers, pressing

eyes soft-piercing, leading hands through

further measures: Muscles making time

sound halt, halt-swell, smooth

that bit of mouth, not led as horses know,

though led: organic fingering rhymes practically

once, slant twice, turning abdominal walls scripture texts;

back-chording sails, as water walks composure's tack to make

this Music Well peace; written, and reading as rest,

to bring about mooring. Clouds were sun upon

their backs when darkness roared,

impatient gales. Now sun-born May walks in musical

flesh transposing tissues, glands,

Toxins' flown lengths of lightning-blown

peace, save a littered line of membranes

coughing this: The simple thing I want to say—

signing. April. out. through may, is "Stay",

"Sit", "Play"—like dogs mend a moment's rush,

small fleas.
Small flees. I play from

books with notes of lines, like textual hospice

carrying visible sound-clasps

clopping the damper pedal, squeaking

Vibration's higher octave making sense of space

expanding, like rain.

This attempt at writing is the reason why I have stopped writing much. The poet has left my mind and has not said where or when (if ever) she will return. Subtlety is lost. I am sorry.

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April 16, 2014

1165. ventilation

old out
ne win
new in
live wires capped
live wires connected
cold tempered
warm air coursing

loving music
loving it, that voice now, music


another not

yet dressed
for company
visits now, his

family ready
or not, breathing
grace from our God

relieving this


to see all who
loved and care for

each one of his family, known

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April 05, 2014

1164. Majesty, Easter Morning

with the Heavenly
Father, represented
walking in His yet-glorified,
risen body, Christ arose, unseen
by human eyes, until revealing
Himself to His Beloved Ones.

believing knew
Him; in a moment,
a twinkling dawned in
their souls, missing His
body from the tomb, finding
Christ risen and speaking,
walking with them, see-
king their love, to com-
fort them and assure
their heavy blessing
made light by His
rising to meet

He ascended,
He joined them
all in the earth,
finding them
found Him
risen, as
He had

and awe, our
Lord Jesus Christ,
Truth Incarnate, Friend
and Brother and Lamb of
God, our peace, our righteousness,
covering our blessed lives daily, moment
by moment, in splitting headaches—or atoms—
molecules obey Him, for we are His, as they,
and as they, we are freed to praise our
exalted Savior, The Christ of God,
Chosen and Loved before the
foundations were laid.

the mountains
are made to below,
there, above them reigns
the universal patience rising
as prepared beforehand.

we call upon
the glory of our
Lord Jesus, loved
of God, Chosen of
God our Heavenly
Father revealed
through His
facing the
valley and the
shadow and His
Own Love infinite!

rises, our
the firstborn
of the dead, the
purest of all in the
heavens Is Known,
praised, worshipped,
completed and completing
His vineyard, tending His flock
as our Tender Shepherd; softening
hard hearts as our Great Physician; arousing
our holiness as our Beloved Husband and Saviour
prepared, and preparing our place eternal, even.

day His
own own Him,
and praise His Name,
our Beloved, Saviour, Christ
Jesus, Emmanuel, Jehovah Tsidkenu.

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