October 21, 2013

1104. 18, 14, 10

ee l

s, p
ic n

no a


e. W

{5 spaces}

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1103. Were You

in time when history was writ with birds' wings;
ink was ground as paste, process I cannot know
from here, purchasing bottles labeled simply
colors, choosing Prussian blue, no, not that Russ blue; his
ever shading colors blushing life through his veins, blood born
many years past, and to this day living. Strengthen this father fallen
in tragic sequence, choosing life filtered ~ overwrought, yet living, healed
remaining father of his five springs through precious known 24, two spaces at-
tempting to heal herself through pleasing and purchasing beauty, wholesome need
for him she loves.

Our You in that?

Time is Yours, fair

Heavenly Father, approaching infinite light, Thy Life ~ Christ through, to, and for
Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen. You know. I leave them with You and plan
to go to 24 plus spaces 2, near her to surviving health through tangible, able love
present. How I love them. I love each one. God bless us.

(This is not the best read, only that I write, expressing, attempting to express a prayer through fact and faith in Christ, my Creator sustaining this day, us this day ours, loved ones. Trust His blessed loving surpassed by none of mine, a prayer given here, written thoughts of them. I love them, each one.)

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October 10, 2013


hoping to poetically accomplish a non-threatening, global track that is light-making, cycling undone and securing

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will not look at numeric meaning, but will be strict to structure this poem as the number affects me; if the plan changes, I'll say

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a poem that may require its own structure; broad meaning could muddle me; still, I'm hopeful to render something refined, probably many edits

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the goal, to illustrate its meaning poetically, hoping for brevity, an interior numeric view

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a poem following 117/5 to be 23.4
figuring how to govern its structure

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October 08, 2013

1097. A map

the Father drew in scale, His
lines the strength of air, beneath
drawn wings, strong affixed, they
secure a rising stallion or
mare. White his canvas wells, one
thought: Arise! Fly! Run! This
map of Mine begun.

God bless us.

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