April 18, 2013

1052. Psalm 19

reading this and receiving it

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April 17, 2013

1051. Your form encloses

the ribcage pierced to bring us out.

Your hands removed a piece entire by

hand. Your will embraced the man's
solitude comparing him to animals'
ways. Your Person formed the en-
trance of lives begun from one,
then One, pierced through one
beginning Eve named, not h
erself, welcome evident fr
om Your deliberate form
-ing her, from him, from
Him enclosing generations through Y
our willingness to be formed by Your
hands. Evening feels
the walk of waking
company two our
pair loved, lovin
g daylight's re-
cover y, en-
closed once
more skins
twice shed
for once led
into a greater
land, we walked
more foot warn, till
God lorn minds deman-
ded a sorrowing forgetting
Your forming of Eve, named by
Adam blessed. Eve of Eve by Adam
loved, once upon awaking. Beloved Christ,
Your form encloses me, I trust to wake with Thee.

i cannot, will not praise a woman without the man, the Son of Man, called Redeemer,
Kinsmen Redeemer. And I will thank God while I live and through Him rest secure in
life or death.

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April 10, 2013

1050. Where does she go

if not
surrounded by
orderly rooms, warmed
through communication
resting wholly

family homes
calling all members worth
secure our minds embryo
welcoming each

this world God
works out for our use and
His miracles continuing we
His gifts enjoy
as we

work through
patterns grown or failing,
not fading, just simply all
have become

a family of
people, the species that
insists on improving our
selves, un-

in many
cases of days
lived guessing, leaping from
ordered rooms, the family home,
the one shared

The child left when her parents did. She sorted herself weekly, resorted
to worlds and ways given to homes without walls. The child counted her
years grown by number, not caring, or too warded, too worn to care for
a house with family, family that could have its spelling changed in loud
contests, small wars ending the rooms that would have continued hers.

Hasn't this happened in novels for centuries? Boys and girls lost to progress,
to natural causes, to unnatural, or too invisible matters boiled easiest down to
violence. Sad, more than sad, for where does she go? How will anyone reach
who she is shaping herself to be, unknowing, cooperative lovely youth, angry
and given to much pain, the kind she thinks is home. A new home she builds.

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April 09, 2013

1049. melodic intervals

innervate composure REM

member Your song.

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April 08, 2013

1048. mice and owls

our Lover
near the meadow edge
calling silence whiling stars

our Smaller middling whiskered
ones thin spinning paths
aware zing runs His

our Air sung
two owl wing size, seen
scent, rise, whose sing

our Paths way find
low, out-sky born-doors
wandering our, endures

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April 07, 2013

1047. waiting for heart

Failure. / Chose | to end / this | play: Close / the | Sun / day | 1.

Failure chose,
to end this play
close: the Sun

day 1.


Chose to end

this play: Close / the Sun

day 1.

Failure. Chose
to end this
play Close the

Sun day

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April 06, 2013

1046. May I take a number?

Wait for the savior's name?

i am listening for you, hoping
I have heard your voice, the white

of your hair has seen your eyes, and
willing, may I take a number, wait for you?

You are a savior, as are the others, close-mouthed
listening, yet willing to smile, and once, to reach out to

my hand, confidence to let go, let go, and still. I have not.
I do not let go. I am waiting for the Savior, trying to forget His

name I know, we know, His legs and body, shriveling as willingly He
went away, promising to come again, to receive, to take the numbers—a

way. And all I crave is to wait that I might hear the savior's name is a face I
already know. A friend I cannot have. A person I sent away, while my faithful

friends hold the best shapes they can of the lives they continue to choose in
definitely chosen, keeping themselves prepared, for their numbers are up at any

time. And I still ask of you, please, may I take a number and you remember it is given
to me, for you to receive me, for me to recall saving grace that is not yet defined, nor defying.

may want tuning.

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1045. More two

come early ours


less two


later came your


more two are


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April 05, 2013

1044. Nothing I do

convinces me that I love


Until I die, that alone will

show faith full until death.

That alone will prove sins
searing, utterly failing to

capture this life I do, un-

seeing and unfeeling us.

We have lived deaf side


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April 03, 2013

1043. embellished calm

pink flowers on the upright wall

blue five petalled one speed drawing

scentless happy marks stemmed

down short stalks with loops leaves

two one on either side stem home

from ground dirt dust soil ph right

for smiling yellow sun shining orange

points connecting trunks to roots in weather

tempered for sweet partitioned fruit seeds


i realize these are not giving yet;
they do not reach me, either.

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April 02, 2013

1042. nothing like clouds, nearer

i bleached my doilies
today they dry a bluish white
twice matching unmatched largest all white
central white, white

not crowding the bluing sky carrying thrust jets of many tickets
bought people, buckled until heights are safely reached

nothing like clouds, nearer
I bleached my doilies
drying outside by side my hands wrung
and spread them
three, chuckling in their phrase, nothing like
praise: i bleached my doilies today.

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1041. I spent Easter Sunday

fertilizing the gray matter,
drugging my mind to dull
the organ dwelling just above,
possibly within, my rib cage.

Judas went out and hanged himself.
Peter swore he never knew the Man.

I chose to spend the day at home,
choosing elements that might layer
easier than measured numbers af-
fixed to my person. Soft covered temporal

bedding, the flesh held me through
out Easter Sunday when Christ arose,

walked about, not yet glorified, spoke
to His mother; many dead were raised
and walked about, as well. Who they were
is not for us to know. I lay down and thought

about Christ, about how long these days will
be for which I am accountable to Him, Creator, Judge, Savior.

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