November 07, 2011

B366. She spends the day

sleeping as well
as possible medicines
keeping cancers battle. while
she waits listening wakeful cries knocking
on the wall for sons or sister or. husband entering at
days end cries knocking on the wall sleeping as well as possible medicines.
keeping cancers. battle while she waits entering at days listening wakeful for. sons or sister or husband end

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November 19, 2011

B367. rails

In mountains count paces
ever resting

lay iron joints walking
Aligning wheels


Spent the day in the mountains.

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November 22, 2011



dark blanket liquid
amber sweet eyes

Mozart sheets shoes
creaking boards eye

red coiling morning
clouds boiling drink

resuming good watches

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November 23, 2011



two polishing silver

understand their

value: each other.

two reclaim vandalized
shelter, their faith
expose: their loving.

two patching wholeness owe

thankfulness two—

God's all-knowing Our.

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November 24, 2011



by my Brother
made a show
upon our Thanks

giving Table.

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farther Heaven


He dressed a farther lawn with trees,
crowding feet in acorn

seas and farther walks
on crispy green
blown away

with loud machine his Father's
storms undressing.

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November 25, 2011

B372. We are a river

without oars
pillow deeps
our planking sways
along these center
curling bow to
stern dew born
beyond our fingers
trailing cool these
water ways us
buoyant less hours
oarless drifts as
pillows dampen

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B373. warm in

red we
our light

but I speak two long

of son g / m

pigment highs store
values two but wise
can kill a foolish me

surrender fully cry

thee orients known
our simple marks in
stone on mountains

you and I your one

will yes two walk in

step warm blues or
reading places buy
my craving all your
one dear man two's
honeysuckle masks
sound you-I asking
who came two calm
your servant willing
quietness as new is
text or drawing one
this two Once done.

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