October 29, 2009

B194. staggering dust

infrared fast byrating
voices spine theid soaringinginging
spacie blue socathedral
layiey thworka gargoils of staristunwipsaonfu

come home comfortable shipstaggggggge

requiring vault sound hold draws uourourouidosap'q
dust vocalisingingisnginsignisgignsing starsplane
nets onoeneoneoneoneonnnnnn
coup de rungangingaingaingiangiangiangaignaign

atilstopatop gargoil [serchepaearched}}}}
and sky
abending round ushearing

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October 14, 2009

B181. Sandburg

sang his hearty slow

to sleep in upstairs ceiling

low above his head.

Woke he mid-morning, kinsmen

song, and one his voice, and fingers

strummed the thoughts, the work, the right

of me, of you, of them, of bleating hers

and he's. She comes along, to ride and see

his resting willery, placed so—still! Preserved

our day with his one voice, one heart of minds

reflected in the civic work of lateness, lateness, wakeful


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October 13, 2009

B179. Evening Takes


b. July 1997 - d. October 13, 2009

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October 10, 2009

B178. She gets light

in my lap. The air of her
house cat-uncaught birds, unfound mice,
non-trophied chipmunks, lifts and she lightens,
hovers, losing air without having leapt
her years in my house, in our laps,
in the bowls of dry food and one and water
and new thoughts of sleeping space, the Agatha
finding her first life not landing this time, to settle
as she has done
all her years.

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October 05, 2009


are to be
on the half shell

pearls are out of them.

string along a necklace,
opera length, to accommodate


ovations are rare,
or should be. standing
invitations are another matter.

hands are oysters

on the half
shell serving each
irritation, a pearl.

11 May 2009, 6:49PM; Monday

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