August 30, 2009

Does Jesus get angry remembering? Or is their so much

satisfaction, that it does not matter how I forget.

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August 25, 2009

The sound witch

is a man

wanting what he thinks
is a woman

being what she knows
must be

necessary for security,

incantation contortions
vexing our

sexuality dis-
respecting a man

a woman self-
respecting them-

selves, one sexuality
residing prehensile

within noise

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August 24, 2009

B148. We create

eternity today.

The other part
controlling us
lay me down
on the floor crying

until I was still
enough to see the complex
structure of the cob
web stout;

built by the invisible-
at-home guest who, between
some recent day ago and my
cheery old hope

Of the rusted verdigris, long tin,
once used for potatoes, then kindling,
then rocks outside, then brought in again,
some recent day ago when the fireplace

was cleared from winter, and after the larger
guests were heard singing there; this invisible,
fragile, non-member of our consciousness came,
and stout, complex, extravagant bearer of light

and dust, built this cob
web that saw, from the other part
controlling, maybe, my lying down
on the floor crying, until I was

still enough to see the view.

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B147. I pay attention to every

move she makes recalling
her spooked leaping before her
cry before her painful illness on the floor
again today

She sleeps in a box in the hall and
she throws up there and we clean it up
and she goes back sleeping again in
my familiar old accessories too remembered

to remove.

For as long as she
continues to live our Agatha
gray, I pay attention to each one
I see of her bearing weight

on her lithe skeleton that is-was
so lithe as it was-was so long ago
and again, I wonder how many lives,
this sweet pet who saved everything

in her living as herself fighting as herself
grooming and overmuch as herself nervous
child cat I pay attention to our children
grown and no longer still longer ever will be

their own lives How many lives will they choose
to fight with groom through nervous overmuch (I hope not)
and look again (my oven is not a magic
wand) at the recipe for

butter cookies
this time planning
to pay attention
to every


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August 23, 2009

B146. copper crickets

turning the water

pressures to centipede
grass; noiseless spinning
by the red painted handle
that is removed and kept

on the console we purchased
for an anniversary years
ago; we keep it out, because

the sun and centipede, hardy though
they are, forget that water is
in the pipes, ductwork of
focusing our memories

on the 80% we are constantly forgetting.

turning water

pressures centipede
grass. spinning
by handle
that kept
on purchased
for years
ago; because
the though
they is
in of
focusing memories

on forgetting.

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